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You are a poltergeist, master of telekinetic manipulation!  Toss around hundreds of items to be the last ghost floating!

As a ghost, you make objects fly around you. You can throw them at your competition, but running low means you'll have less cover!

Mouse + WASD

All sights and sounds from https://kenney.nl/assets

Made in 48 hours for  https://itch.io/jam/kenney-jam-2019

~ Jam notes ~

Amount of unique assets: 200+ (sprite and sound randomization)

Creative uses: The arena is an enlarged crosshair!


- Player shielding and ammo are combined into a single mechanic

- Uses almost every red, yellow, blue or green 2D asset Kenney has ever made (unlikely combination of assets)

- Uses all instruments except 8-bit from https://kenney.nl/assets/music-jingles


Colors and Chaos.zip 21 MB

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